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About us

Dared is a fashion jewelry brand, founded at the end of 2013 in Athens, Greece .

The designer Depy Daldaki using a variety of metals such as silver, bronze and semi-precious stones, soft textiles and all sort of elegant materials  creates fashion jewelry available to people who dare to express their uniqueness within.

Exclusive pendant designs, jewelry with phrases, palmcuffs made of silver and semi precious stones & bodyjewels are some of the creations you can find in Dared collections... 

Brand's statement creations are bodyjewels made of silver for your shoulders, giving a glamorous touch in women’s body.

Dared style is glam rock, elegant and feminine in order to highlight an outfit in every occasion.

Flagship store is in Spefsippou 6 , Kolonaki , Athens .

You can also find Dared collection in selected boutiques.